Theatrical distribution EXPANDS! Florida, Michigan, Delaware, more!

We are thrilled to announce that Emerging Pictures has joined forces with THE BEST AND THE BRIGHTEST to expand our distribution nationwide! We will now be opening in six more states: Florida, Michigan, Delaware, South Carolina, Colorado, and Ohio!
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Theatrical Expansion!
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Emerging Pictures has joined forces with THE BEST AND THE BRIGHTEST to expand our distribution nationwide!

Read the full article to find out where to see B&B, and how to get it at a theater near you if its not available!

Film opens TODAY in NY and LA!

The film has FINALLY hit theaters! Catch it now at New York’s Quad Cinema or Laemmle Sunset 5 in Los Angeles.

Neil Patrick Harris on Conan

Film opens this Friday in NY and LA!

The film is about to hit theaters! Catch it at New York’s Quad Cinema or Laemmle Sunset 5 in Los Angeles.

OK people. It's time.

You remember that moment in Horton Hears A Who when all the Who’s on the little speck scream their asses off to get the attention of that dickhead kangaroo? You guessed it, my friend.

A note from a fan-turned-filmmaker, Bill Crossland:

Howdy B & B fans. First of all, a quick huzzah to Bridget Regan and the awesome people who rocked Columbus this weekend. By all accounts the screenings were massively successful. AND THAT'S NOT JUST A EUPHEMISM FOR BEING OBESE. I also wanted to post a blog entry from a fast-rising lieutenant here in the B & B army: Bill Crossland, who, only a few weeks ago, was just a mere mortal like the rest of you. Since then he's planned not one not two but three massively successful sneak previews, and is on his way to booking the damn movie in Pennsylvania for a full-on theatrical run.

Columbus Ohioans and Lebanon PAers! I SHOUT TO THEE.

First, a shout out to one of the most amazing soldiers on our B & B army - our Big Indie workhorse Corey Deckler, who has been peddling our B & B raunch to Columbus Ohio so furiously and successfully these past weeks that his picture may wind up on the wall of John Boehner's office. Corey, you are my goddamn hero. Columbus Ohio - you have an opportunity to be our Dubuque this weekend - and that's the highest goal a city can achieve. Buy tickets. Attend movie.

On Dubuque, and finding your kindred spirits.

If you’ve been following THE BEST AND THE BRIGHTEST, you know that we’re basically on a quest to find our kindred spirits. We don’t have a huge theatrical distribution deal. We have a terrific digital distributor, New Video/Flatiron Films, who will put the film out on DVD and Netflix and iTunes and Video-on-Demand late this summer.

April 21 is MARK OXMAN DAY.

Today, the center of independent film is not Jim Jarmusch or Kevin Smith or Harvey Weinstein. Today, that white-hot center is a young man named Mark Oxman, tireless workhorse at Big Indie Pictures, currently sweating his ass off in a black leather jacket in Houston. While the rest of us dream lazily of Fox Searchlight deals and Independent Spirit Awards, Mark is out pounding the mean streets of Houston, passing out B & B postcards to any cowboy with a pulse, hollering "COME SEE AN AMY SEDARIS MOVIE!!!" inside every Houston gay bar.

Dubuque, Phoenixville, and Planet Houston: HERE WE COME.

The train is burning at a speed that prevents me from blogging eloquently. Therefore I shall segue effortlessly into bullet point mode, which after all is the form that all the great novelists rode to greatness. •Upcoming screenings are upon us! Dubuque IA, Houston, and Phoenixville PA are next up - I myself will be in Dubuque with none other than the DBQ's favorite daughter, Kate the Great Mulgroovy.
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